Custom engineering services

Solar MEMS is a company that has earned international recognition for our advanced technology in developing solar sensors for use in space and other high technology sectors, but we also provide our clients with consultancy and custom engineering services, adapting all the experience and knowledge we acquired in our projects.

This is one of our business lines with the most demand due to the quality of our advice, our skill at optimizing the projects we work on, our flexibility, customer service and, of course, because we guarantee the highest standards of quality in all our certifications.

Besides, our extensive flight experience of more than 10 years, with over 2000 flight units delivered, the hundreds of sensors currently in orbit at this time and our projects in more than 40 countries for the leading companies in the aerospace sector, like NASA and ESA, or Airbus OneWeb, are evidence of our trajectory and our know-how.

The following are among the most important customized solutions that we have been able to offer our clients:

  • Space hardware and software development, including electrical and mechanical custom designs:
    • Customized electronic boards design and development for space usage.
    • Implementation of power subsystems, signal detection, conditioning and processing stages, filtering subsystems, communication interfaces and monitoring systems.
    • Tailored designs with mechanical cases and housings for space usage.
  • Integration solutions and interfaces adaptation for smallsat platforms.
  • Manual soldering services according to ECSS standards.
  • Space Harness manufacturing.
  • Development and optimization of ADCS technologies, including:
    • Sun sensors
    • Star trackers
    • Horizon sensors.
  • Optoelectronics assembly and packaging solutions.
  • Calibration, testing and characterization of optoelectronic devices.
  • Ground support equipment development for sun sensors.
  • Mission management support

Custom engineering services

Naturally, all our work meets the highest standards of quality and certifications to ensure optimal function and safety.  Among our certifications, we can highlight:

  • Space:
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-08: Manual soldering of high reliability electrical connections.
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-28: High-reliability soldering for surface-mount and mixed technology.
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-38: Repair and modification of printed circuit board assemblies for space use.
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-26: Crimping of high-reliability electrical connections
  • General:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 14644 (clean rooms)
    • PMP
    • MBA
    • ICP Designer

To carry out all these works we have our magnificent facilities at the Parque Aerópolis in Seville (Spain), which has latest-generation equipment for developing and integrating Microsystems, optics and electronics, as well as two ISO Class 8 clean rooms with more than 60m2 for micro-manufacture.

And we can do all this with the flexibility and efficiency that our clients deserve. In the words of our General Manager, José Miguel Moreno, “our customers are the center of our business: we always try to provide fast responses, be flexible and supportive, and do our best to fulfil their needs and requirements”.

If you would like more information about our consultancy and custom engineering services or about some of our development projects, don’t hesitate to contact us.