Learn about OneWeb satellites

The OneWeb satellite constellation is a project that Solar MEMS is delighted to be part of. Its objective is to put an innovative, responsible and profitable satellite network into orbit to offer global broadband Internet around the world. Let us tell you what this consists of.

The OneWeb satellite constellation is a network of an initial 648 satellites in Low Earth Orbit  that have been developed with the aim of providing global broadband internet services everywhere in the world.

A project of this size requires the collective effort of major companies in the sector, which is why the satellites are being made by the company called OneWeb Satellites, which is a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb.

The milestone of the first phase took place on 27 February 2019, when OneWeb successfully launched the first 6 of the 648 planned satellites (600 active plus 48 replacements in orbit) into low Earth orbit from the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana, using a Russian Soyuz-2 ST-B rocket.

OneWeb satellites

What are the satellites of the OneWeb constellation like?

The OneWeb satellites operate in a low Earth orbit, at approximately 1,200 kilometres   altitude. They will be positioned on 12 polar orbital planes.

The advanced technology of Solar MEMS is also part of this huge project, because we are the suppliers of the solar sensors for OneWeb Satellites.

Responsible Space

There is more and more technology operating in outer space all the time, and the problem of debris must be addressed by the companies in the sector if we are to maintain a sustainable environment. This is the reason why OneWeb started its Responsible Space initiative in 2019, to promote the sustainability and safety of operations in space.

Its goal is to develop an “ecosystem” within the aerospace industry to support sustainability and to collaborate with other operators in the sector.