Solar MEMS, new member of SatSearch

At Solar MEMS we are always open to new ideas and initiatives, and that is how we believe work will be done in the future. That is why we have entered to form part of SatSearch, a space company whose efforts are directed towards bringing together all the technologies from the different segments of the aerospace sector in a single place, so that businesses can find the product and supplier they need for their projects.

The goal of SatSearch is to open up the space industry to everyone and to create a global market that will allow organizations around the world, from innovative start-ups to space agencies, to use the online platform to buy and sell their products and services.

It is a pleasure for Solar MEMS to form part of the suppliers for this innovative company, because many of our products are already in use in various space missions and are sure to appeal to many of the agencies who visit SatSearch to look for the best suppliers for their projects.

Their website already offers several of our groundbreaking developments for the space sector, namely the following: ACSS SCOE – Advanced Coarse Sun Sensor Specific Check-Out Equipment, HSNS – Horizon Sensor for Nanosatellites, Sun Sensor OGSE – Optical Ground Support Equipment, SSOC-A60 – Analog Sun Sensor on a Chip, SSOC-D60 – Digital Sun Sensor on a Chip, nanoSSOC-A60 – Analog Sun Sensor for Nanosatellites, nanoSSOC-D60 – Digital Sun Sensor for Nanosatellites and ACSS – Advanced Coarse Sun Sensor.

We think that pooling the industry of the sector and bringing us all closer together is a great idea, because collaboration always results in better projects, and comparing the different options with regard to products and suppliers can only improve how they are developed.

The headquarters of Satsearch are in the Netherlands, although their team works remotely around the world and has lots of experience in both space engineering and online marketplaces.

The company was founded in 2015 in a hackathon in Bremen, and since then it has helped dozens of organizations in the space industry to obtain their best results. The goal of Satsearch is to contribute to the efforts to make the global aerospace sector grow by making it easier to buy and sell space-related products and services.

The web is easy to use and has a catalogue of more than 4,000 products. It has a search engine where you can enter the exact name of the product or service your company requires, or where you can browse through 32 categories, organized into 6 groups. Satellite, ground, Launch, AIT, Software and education and training.

From now on, every company and agency in the space sector will be able to find SolarMEMS products in this great catalogue that we hope will bring space a little closer to everyone.