What is MEMS technology?

As our name indicates, at Solar MEMS we are using MEMS technology in a lot of our products, and in this article, we tell you what this advanced system for producing devices actually means.

The letters of the term MEMS stand for micro-electro-mechanical systems, which are complex, small-scale systems that combine electronic and mechanical elements on the same chip. There are a lot of projects, especially in the aerospace sector, in which the size of the components is critical, and at Solar MEMS we have spent years making ours as small as we can.

Sensors based on MEMS technology can gather environmental information through mechanical, thermal, biological, chemical, optical and magnetic measurements. The electronic components can process the information obtained and send the desired response to the switches or displays.

One of the main virtues of these devices is the option to build them into chips at relatively low cost, which is important in making this technology available to a large number of projects where they can make them more efficient and effective.

MEMS offer a lot of advantages, ranging from their miniature size, low energy requirements, coupled with their high performance and capacity to work in short bursts, minimum maintenance requirements and ability to connect with many other systems. In short, they are small, lightweight and low-cost.

Thanks to the technology based on microelectromechanical systems, we can develop products that are elegant, functional and capable of highly precise perception and control. This is the case of our NanoSSOC-A60 which is small, light and needs so little energy to make it the perfect ADCS solution for nano-satellite platforms like Cubesats.

Impact of MEMS technology on the market and industry

This type of technology is used in many different industries such as medicine and telecommunications, but they are particularly important in the aerospace and motor industries, where the MEMS technology that our company offers is most extensively used.

In addition, MEMS-based technology is set to revolutionise all sectors of industry, not just aeronautics and aerospace, because it has a lot of applications, including everyday use in domestic appliances. Today, MEMS are an important part of global development and the technological revolution.

Because we are living in a society in which MEMS technology can be found in nearly all devices that we use in our daily lives (smartphones, netbooks, ebook readers, computer game consoles and portable game platforms, navigation systems, image stabilizers, etc.) the market outlook for this technology is for enormous growth in production and consumption.