Full Guide: Solar sensors for satellites

When you think of satellites you may have in mind its structure, the technical team behind and also their purpose. However, you may forget about the impact the sun has on them. Nowadays the sun is an essential part of any space and other high technology projects. So, why should we use solar sensors for satellites?

Solar sensors are necessary for any satellite development process. They are used for sun-tracking in order to improve attitude determination.

We all agree that smooth operation of satellites is essential regarding the success of a space project and its development. It is important to do it easier, faster and, most importantly, accurate. But you can only make it if you count on the robustness and precision of our sensors. Interesting, right?

This is what we are going to show you in this article, the range of products we have created with the perfect calibration in order to guarantee the best results.

Here you have a complete guide of our products and their different applications:

Space Equipment

  • NanoSSOC: two axes and low cost, it comes on a chip and it increases the accuracy of sun-tracking, measuring the incident angle of sun ray and, thanks to its design, it provides a high sensitivity. It is lighter and plug&play as it is made for small satellites.
  • SSOC: the same as NanoSSOC, its aim is to create highly integrated sensing structures for high accurate sun-tracking, positioning systems and attitude determination. Its difference with NanoSSOC is that this one is made for long space projects and big satellites.
  • STNS: it is our first non-solar but star tracker for Nano-Satellites.

Solar sensor

Solar Tracking

We have a wide range of Industrial Sun Sensors (ISS) which can be applied for solar and light-source tracking, pointing systems, attitude control, sun radiation measurements, solar tracking platform controllers, and drones attitude determination.

Here you have some examples:

  • ISS: with it, you can reach high sensitivity thanks to the geometrical dimensions of its design. Its high reliability and low power consumption, make it useful for high accurate sun-tracking.
  • MASS SENSOR: it is a digital sensor with magnetometer, accelerometer and sun sensor. You can use it to develop solar tracking controllers with no other devices as it measures the angle of sun-ray, DNI solar radiation and azimuth and elevation position of the device.

Ground Support Equipment

This is a quite relevant aspect of any space project. You need to count on some support at the ground, so we want to assure you that everything is properly connected and operational before launches.

In order to this, we have designed and manufactured the Ground Support Equipment to test the solar sensors integrated in the Oneweb Megaconstellation satellites, to be used in the Final Assembly Line in Factory.

We take care of this topics:

  • Lighting parameters
  • Installation
  • Remote control
  • Security
  • Certifications
  • Directives (WEEE, RoHS, CE, UL, UNE-EN 61326, CAN / CSA C22.2), etc.

Solar sensors are essential in order to make space launches successful.

Our solar sensors will make easier the development of your project as they are the cheapest, smallest and lightest; we offer plug&play sensors which simplifies its integration on the satellites. We are transparent with our clients, following the Tailoring methodology.

In Solar MEMS we believe in future, technology and innovation. This is the reason why we apply high technology to create a brighter future. Our goal is to optimize the process of space research with the use of these technologies and thanks to sun energy.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies applied to high-precision solar sensors for space, as you could guess on this article, is our field of expertise supported by a huge professional team, the latest technology and an innovative state of mind.

You may wonder how we achieve this level of optimization. Well, our secret is in calibration: when most companies compete on the design, we offer you the best calibration process. This is an additional reason why our system is perfect for research and PhD programs, as it brings you accurate results.

Have you ever thought about developing a project based in space satellites? We are showing you a way to make it more competent and to obtain better results.

It is, in the end, the new way of making things work. If you want to make your space projects more efficient, you need solar sensors to help it. We offer you quality, accuracy and the main items you need.