Bringing Space Closer with Tamara Guerrero

Solar MEMS is world-renowned because we built the smallest and most accurate solar sensors in regards to space equipment. We are specialized in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies applied to high-precision solar sensors for space – and other high-tech markets – which is a rare occupation for most of the population as you might guess. But what really characterizes us is the great team behind all our cutting-edge technology, that’s why we interviewed our Business Development Director, Tamara Guerrero, a fundamental part of Solar MEMS.

It may be difficult finding highly talented tech professionals dedicated to space equipment technologies and the aeronautic sector. But we are fortunate at Solar MEMS since we have those great professionals with us. Thanks to their courage, effort and heart, we are always able to achieve major advances for the aerospace, renewable energy and aeronautical sector.

Every asset of our team is a fundamental part of our business, that’s why we wanted to introduce you to Tamara Guerrero, Solar MEMS Business Development Director for more than 5 years, who reveals the steps we are following in the upcoming years.

Meet Tamara Guerrero

What’s a normal day like for you as business development director at Solar MEMS?

Before this new situation, my normal routine consisted on travelling a lot, attending to space conferences and events all over the world, and also visiting our customers.

I am charged of meeting new potential customers , taking care of the ones we already have, and our distributors, and identifying new opportunities for our business.

Note that we deliver our products in more than 40 countries so, I spend much time out of our facilities in Spain .

Now, I am getting used to meet our customers using Teams, Webex and other apps that fortunately help us to keep in touch and discuss by the same time with video conference.

Space quipment

What’s the best thing about working at Solar MEMS?

In my opinion the best thing we have in Solar MEMS is its team. Very well qualified people are the soul of our company but, also, as we are a small one, our relationship is wonderful and we feel like a family. The environment is very good and we work so happy.

On the other hand, as I am an engineer, to work in a space company that is growing day by day is very challenging and gives me the opportunity of meeting people, companies, countries and different working cultures.

How do you feel about being part of a company that’s making history?

I feel so proud. I am part of Solar MEMS for five years and I have seen how we have evolved from a company where we were 5 people with a small office and a small clean room to a bigger one that has multiplied its capacity and keeps growing fast.

What achievements are outstanding for you?

I think that one of the most important achievement is that we have industrialized our production line in order to be faster and more competitive in price maintaining the quality.

It is not easy to industrialize a space company but, because of the mass production of sun sensors we have to achieve for OneWeb mega constellation (900 satellites that means more than 1800 sun sensors) we have performed it in all our lines.

I also feel so proud because we work with the main primes all over the world and our reputation and compromise is very well valuated.

What makes the Solar MEMS team different?

We are different because we all know that the success of the company means our own success. As we are a small company we have to work hard and to help one each other but, we all know that we are in the correct path because we are having very good results.

Our team is also young and our passion and ambition is very good for Solar MEMS. We all love our work and it is something that our customers feel.

About Solar MEMS and its field

What makes Solar MEMS technology so powerful?

Solar MEMS is specialized in the design and development of attitude control systems, concretely, in sun sensors. Our main characteristic is not on the design of the units but in the calibration process.

This step of the production chain is where we have some advantage that comes from our experience of more than 10 years working with this technology.

What’s the current situation with the OneWeb Satellites project?

Now, everything is fine again. Five months ago it suffered a Chapter Eleven situation but, now, UK Government is involved in the project and everything will keep as established.

So, for Solar MEMS, we have reactivated the production of the units we still have to deliver for their 900 satellites!

Space equipment

What can we look forward to in the next few years: new technologies, new projects, new space equipment …?

We are preparing many proposals for different constellations with different primes all over the World.

If everything continues fine, we hope to include new constellations with hundreds or thousands of units from our side to continue with the industrialized production we have in Solar MEMS.

On the other hand, we are also working in new products as, in example, a new miniaturized star tracker that will be ready for flight very soon.

Solar MEMS family is brilliant, and we are fortunate to continue growing and move forward in the space sector with amazing space equipment projects ahead. We are a young and passionate team that will continue working filling each of the constellations in our universe with precise technology.

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